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Made In New York

made in new york - Jamaican Movie

For the love of money, fame, and fortune, for the love of music, and for the love of "Love". The sky is the limit, Made in New York . A story about Jamaicans living in New York trying to make it. Drugs, music badman thing , whatever it takes to be Made in New York. The singer redhot , very talented signs a recording deal with get rich quick records,  walla walla decided to wait not taking the badman way out. Gets a link with brown sleeve records but can't go his wife Sarafina was attacked by kalifnicov who robs her father,  goes around roughing up selectors to play Mr Biggs tunes, C.E.O of get rich quick records. A must see jamaican film with suspense, drama, romance, love and action packed that will also make u laugh.

Release Year: 2018

Genre: Action

Views: 15758



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