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Illegal Activities

illegal activities - Jamaican Movie

When hope is lost and time has ran out, the very next move would decide the destiny of the Jamaican shotta crew living in Atlanta Georgia. Finding themselves in a spot with their back against the wall they decide to setup shop where any and everything goes, you want it? They got it, You need it? They find it. Need protection, they got it. Any and every activity that would be considered illegal. With the heart of true Jamaicans they go all out, maybe Nappo not killing the police was his biggest mistake. Bandoolu, one of the bashment top shotta can see a future for his new found love. "A family", he told Nappo but with the feds now unto them, they must decide. Would that very next move control what destiny has chosen or can they stay in control of their own destiny? A Jamaican movie inspired to keep you watching  as suspense, drama and action pack will also make you laugh.

Release Year: 2017

Genre: Action

Views: 30266


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Jermaine Fagan
Jermaine Fagan Good movie!
October 16, 2018

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