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Africa Unite


Africa Unite is a singular and masterfully executed film that is at once concert tribute, Marley family travelogue, and humanitarian documentary, igniting the screen with the spirit of world renowned reggae icon BOB MARLEY in its every frame. In commemoration of Bob’s 60th birthday, Africa Unite is centered on the Marleys’ first time ever family trip to Ethiopia in 2005. Includes rare archival footage of world renowned reggae icon Bob Marley. There in the capital city of Addis Ababa three generations of Marleys take part in a 12 hour concert like no other, attended by more than 300,000 people from around the world, with the ultimate purpose of inspiring the young generations of Africa to unite for the future of their continent. Features exuberant on stage spots as well as a soundtrack brimming with Bob Marley studio classics

Year: 2008

Genre: Documentary

Views: 9043

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