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A Dance For Grace


A Dance for Grace Official Movie Trailer A Dance For Grace tells the story of a group of teenagers from Marthasville, Georgia - who decide to enter a national dance contest, hoping to use the prize money to fund a life saving operation for one of their town's most beloved citizens - a woman named Grace. Their quest leads them to their Jamaican born dance teacher - a former drug dealer named Ricky Myers - who teaches them a reggae/dancehall routine for the contest. To experience the culture and learn the dance firsthand, the group travels to the birthplace of reggae, Jamaica. But as the contest draws closer, the competition gets fierce and the stakes get even higher! Personal demons must be conquered. And then the dance is on- to save Grace! Set to the pulsating beats of Jamaican dancehall, A Dance for Grace is an exciting, uplifting, fast moving tale of courage, redemption, community and the will to succeed against all odds!!

Year: 2010

Genre: Drama

Views: 8360

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